Minnesota State Legislature’s Landmark Accomplishments Benefiting Minnesotans

Credit: Ben Hovland | MPR News

By Alliance President Terry Gips

There’s a lot of naysaying about politics but look at this impressive, inspiring article by MN State Senator Ann Rest highlighting some of the MN Legislature’s landmark accomplishments. Here are just a few she pointed out that I think people should know about and be really proud of:

“The changes that we implemented over two years have produced the most equitable tax system in the country, with the lowest burden on low- and middle-income earners of all 50 states, according to a national study by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

“This year, more than 400,000 children and their families have benefited from the nation-leading $1,750 per-child refundable Child Tax Credit we enacted in 2023. To date, more than $510 million has already gone out to families across the state, with an average credit per family of nearly $2,500 this tax season. And in the recently completed 2024 session we took steps to improve the credit, which is expected to cut child poverty by 33%.

We helped family budgets and reduced student hunger through free school meals. We also invested in higher education and a skilled workforce by making college free for families making under $80,000 a year and by freezing tuition at MinnState schools.

“DFLers took steps to reduce prescription drug costs and cap co-pays for drugs to treat diabetes, asthma, and allergies at $25 per month.

“We improved economic security for working families by passing paid family and medical leave, earned sick and safe time, and historic investments in infrastructure and housing affordability.

“DFLers have made our state a haven for reproductive freedom by enacting the Protect Reproductive Options Act and repealing outdated, and harmful laws.

“DFLers put our state on a pathway to 100% clean energy by 2040 with investments that will bring critical federal funding to our state.

“DFLers enacted criminal background checks and red flag laws to keep guns out of the wrong hands. After the tragic and horrific killing of three first responders in Burnsville, DFL majorities increased penalties for straw purchases and banned the same binary triggers, which made the Burnsville shooter’s gun doubly dangerous.”

Thank you to our elected officials for moving us forward in these many ways. All of us should know about this and continue it. I hope other states will do the same. Elections have consequences and our votes matter in creating the world we want. And thanks to local papers and news sources for publishing this important information.

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