Terry Gips

President and Co-Founder
St. Louis Park, MN

President, Sustainability Associates

Collie Graddick

St. Paul, MN

Co-Founder Community Table Cooperative, MN Department of Agriculture

Helen Glover

Northampton, MA

Smith College Student

Kathy Leigh Goetz

Evanston, IL

Executive Director and Founder, Be Strong Families

Brady Johnson

Duluth, MN

Inventor and Innovation Entrepreneur

Cass McLaughlin

St. Paul, MN

Community Spirit Ventures Mindfulness Instructor, Whittier Clinic, Group Visits Program Coordinator/ Facilitator


Lori Myren-Manbeck

St. Paul, MN

Founder and CEO of Inclusivi-tee


Brian Zakem

Minneapolis, MN

Retired Mental Health Professional


Hunter Hermes

Minneapolis, MN

Project Manager at Epic Systems

Dream Team

Chris Dykstra

Minneapolis, MN

Founder and CEO, Warecorp; Founder, GoodCarts; Partner, Brown Venture Group; Publisher and Founder,

Dr. Yvette Erasmus

Minneapolis, MN

Psychologist, Yvette Erasmus, LLP

Gretchen Hagle

Excelsior, MN

Marketing Consultant & Program Manager, Green Interchange and Blessed Earth Southeast

Dr. Stuart Hill

Penrith, Australia

Emeritus Professor and Foundation Chair of Social Ecology, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Steven Hoffman

Boulder, CO

Founding and Managing Partner, Compass Natural Marketing

MaryAnne Howland

Nashville, TN

Founder and CEO, Ibis Communications; Founder and CEO, Global Diversity Leadership Exchange

Michael Martin

Minneapolis, MN

CEO and Founder, Effect Partners and r.Cup

Valerie Red-Horse Mohl

Palo Alto, CA

CFO, East Bay Community Foundation and CEO/Founder of Red-Horse Financial Group, Inc.


Amy Durr

Communications and Administrative Coordinator

DuBois, PA


Himanshi Aurora

UC Berkeley Haas
Class of 2024

Taylor Cantril

Smith College
Class of 2024

Anna Chabica

Dartmouth College
Class of 2025

Tatiana Chang

Smith College
Class of 2024

Haoxuan Gao

Macalester College
Class of 2024

Helen Glover

Smith College
Class of 2024

Dylan Harrison

Rutgers University
Class of 2021

Noah Kahler

Colorado College
Class of 2023

Ido Morag

University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Class of 2021

Mariana Salazar

Smith College
Class of 2023

Jaiden Pierce

University of Texas Austin
Class of 2021

Leah Prinz

Macalester College
Class of 2021

Eric Wu

Macalester College
Class of 2024

Our board members and interns in a zoom meeting.
Our board members and some of our interns gathered this spring on Zoom for a monthly board meeting.