Welcome from our Board Chair and President

Collie Graddick

Board Chair

Welcome to the Alliance for Sustainability’s Annual Report! This has been an impressive year as we’ve re-envisioned our role in the wake of a world facing daunting challenges from a global pandemic, the murder of George Floyd and widespread inequity, the climate crisis and threats to democracy. We spun off our primary program, Resilient Cities and Communities, as a separate nonprofit and conducted a several months long planning process to determine how we could most effectively contribute to what is desperately needed.

Consequently, we decided to focus on co-creating our SHE Kindness Campaign (Sustainability, Health, Equity and Kindness), which will bring about personal and organizational transformation and public policies addressing key tipping points for fundamental systems change.

As you can see, we have taken major steps in moving this forward. I’m excited about the Alliance’s future and the impact we can have. I hope you’ll share my enthusiasm and join us in helping to make our vision of SHE Kindness a reality. 

Terry Gips

Co-founder and President

This has been a year of remarkable accomplishments for the Alliance, despite beginning with almost no money or paid staff. We began anew as a start-up committed to a big impact. We re-visioned our core mission, program, leadership and team while building on our sustainability DNA and nearly 40 years of extensive expertise, partnerships and sustainability leadership.

Our achievements were made possible by the youthful energy, vision and hard work of our 16 diverse college interns and graduate students collaborating virtually from across the country. They, along with our dedicated Board, all-volunteer Leadership Team, members, Sustainability Partners and funders successfully co-created our breakthrough SHE Kindness Campaign.

We are boldly committed to educating, engaging and inspiring more than one million people and groups to take action on everything from lifestyle and consumption to organizational transformation and fundamental policy changes. In my four decades of Alliance work I have never been so hopeful about the difference we can make. Please join us in co-creating a world of sustainability, health, equity and kindness.