Campaign for Sustainability, Health, Equity and Kindness

Welcome to our SHE Kindness Campaign! This is the focus of our new Alliance for Sustainability, what we will be integrating into all of our work moving forward. You can read more about our full vision for SHE Kindness in our Greenprint.

Our SHE Kindness Campaign will embed our co-created, comprehensive and integrative understanding of sustainability as a core operating principle in our way of thinking and culture. We will collaborate on efforts to support  personal transformation, policy shifts and fundamental systems change.

We will accomplish this through a combination of inspiring and impactful videos, social media, publications, speaking, trainings, campaigns and policy efforts. We will educate, engage and inspire one million people and groups to action on everything from lifestyle and consumption to campaigns and policy changes. In addition, we will expand our partnerships with leading nonprofits and aligned businesses to develop strategic, impactful campaigns and policies targeted at key tipping points for sustainability, health, equity and kindness.

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The Alliance will work with a leading video firm like Free Range Studios (The Meatrix and Story of Stuff) and a leading sustainability marketing firm like BBMG to develop and implement an entire SHE Kindness Campaign that would educate, engage and inspire people to action on everything from lifestyle and consumption to campaigns and policy changes. In addition, it would help build Alliance membership to reach the goal of one million members. The Campaign would consist of:

Free Range Studios would produce 1-3 paradigm-shifting videos on various aspects of SHE Kindness to drive people to our new website.

We will use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat, YouTube, and Instagram to also drive people to the website.

We will work with ShiftCon and its 5,000-plus green lifestyle bloggers that reach more than 17 million people to develop messaging and encouragement to get involved in SHE Kindness.

We will build on our relationship with Effect Partners and others to develop relationships with Hollywood and music industry celebrities, as well as well-known sports and media celebrities to participate in the campaign.

We will seek partnerships with a wide range of progressive companies to engage their employees, provide volunteer opportunities and obtain financial support. 

The website will feature the latest SHE Kindness news, inspiring stories on various S/Heroes and organizations embodying SHE Kindness, Board and user up-loaded videos on what SHE Kindness means, SHE Kindness Daily Health Tips, Inspiration, Humor, Art, Music, Dance and Videos, Young People’s Platform with Common Sense Media, engagement opportunities on featured policy issues and advocacy campaigns, SHE Kindness lifestyle articles and blogs, information about our Alliance partners and ways to volunteer and be engaged in their efforts, information about sponsors and donors, gamification to encourage more action (with prizes from our sponsors and/or a reward system from Venn or Scryp), SHE Kindness products and services, and opportunities to contribute.

Terry Gips will work with the new Executive Director on a short, engaging, informative and inspiring book about SHE Kindness that will share about the Natural Step Framework, Max-Neef’s Fundamental Needs Analysis and other aspects of SHE Kindness.

These will be used to raise public awareness, drive people to the website, encourage membership and bring in revenue from speaking and book sales.

These will be led by Myron Lowe, Terry Gips, Cass McLaughlin and/or others.

We will feature various leaders speaking about SHE Kindness on our blog.

We will partner with groups like the American Sustainable Business Council, Green America, Black Lives Matter, CERES, faith organizations and others advocating for priority initiatives supporting SHE Kindness at the national, state and local levels. These will include alerts, calls, sign-on letters, on-line petitions, webinars and meetings. 

We will develop crowd-funding campaigns to further provide additional support for SHE Kindness.