The Alliance for Sustainability has always worked to share our knowledge and unique perspective on sustainability with communities across the world. In our new SHE Kindness campaign, we aim to educate and inspire one million people on sustainability, health, equity, and kindness. A significant part of this effort will be accomplished through presentations, workshops, and consultations lead by Alliance board members, staff, and volunteers.

Presentations and workshops are available for corporations, small businesses, non-profits, schools, local governments, religious organizations, and other community groups/organizations.

Past presentations and workshops include:

  • Co-Creating a World of Sustainability, Health, Equity and Kindness. A dynamic and diverse panel shares informative, inspiring and interactive presentations addressing the varied aspects of sustainability and how you can live a life of sustainability, health, equity and kindness.
  • Declaration of Co-Creation and Interdependence for a New World
  • Can We Fulfill Peoples’ Fundamental Needs to Lead Happier, Healthier Lives while Overcoming Our Consumption Addiction (“Affluenza”)? with Terry Gips

  •  Taking the Natural Step to Sustainability, Health and Saving Money and the Planet with Terry Gips

See example recordings of our past presentations in our Videos page on our website.

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