Inspiration: 4 young influential Hispanic climate voices to follow

Credit (on full screen, clockwise from top left): Alex Silva, Helena Gualinga, Isaias Hernandez, Jamie Margolin

Credit (on phone screen, top to bottom): Alex Silva, Jamie Margolin, Helena Gualinga, Isaias Hernandez 

By Sophie Roback, Alliance Intern from Colorado College

We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month beginning September 15 by highlighting four inspiring and impactful young Hispanic climate activists featured by Clean Choice Energy

Alex Silva is a Mexican college student based in Portland who was one of the founders of Ecotok in 2020, a collective of over 20 environmental activists. Ecotok works to motivate and educate by providing a variety of truthful climate tiktoks and “stand[ing] firmly against climate doomism.”

Helena Gualinga is a 21-year-old activist from the Indigenous Kichwa Sarayuku community in the Amazon of Ecuador. She is a strong advocate against the destructive oil mining in the Amazon, which has affected her family for many generations. In 2019, she spoke at the UN Climate Change Conference, calling out the inaction from world leaders. 

 Jamie Margolin is a 21-year-old Jewish, Colombian-American writer, public speaker, activist, community organizer and NYU student. She recently published her first book, Youth to Power, about how to be an activist. She is also one of the founders of Zero Hour, a youth led organization focused on climate justice. 

Isaias Hernandez is the LA-based founder of Queer Brown Vegan, which can be seen on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. He is focused on making environmental information accessible and inclusive, highlighting the important intersectionality of environmental issues

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