Sustainability Tip: Sustainable camping tips for Summer 2023

A lovely sustainable camping setup. Credit: KOA

By Saul Myhre, Alliance Intern from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Summer is a fantastic time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful earth we inhabit. While it is relatively sustainable to go tent camping, only 14% of campgrounds offer renewable energy for appliances, and only 20% offer local produce on-site according to unsustainable. Camping sustainably improves one’s relationship with nature and can help prevent the degradation of fragile ecosystems in which human interaction is detrimental. Energy-efficient camping gear can mitigate climate change and allow us to share our breathtaking planet with future generations. 

ecoATM explains that utilizing leave-no-trace principles is a great rule of thumb for sustainable camping. This includes taking care of any and all trash that one would generate along with keeping organisms in their natural environments and taking care of fires thoroughly. Use biodegradable soaps when cleaning up natural water sources. Sustainable camping starts as early as leaving your house. When choosing transportation to the campsite, consider carpooling or public transport when voyaging to the great outdoors.

There is strength in numbers, ecoATM explains. In order to keep our balance with the natural world, conservation activities such as habitat restoration projects and community clean-up events are crucial to sustainable camping. is an amazing resource for hosting or finding local clean-up events. Avoid contributing waste by using eco-friendly camping gear such as cloth towels and rechargeable batteries. Sometimes it’s all about the little things that we can all do to keep present and future campers enjoying our green summer planet!

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