May Good Spirits Guide Us

By Louis Alemayehu

May Good Spirits Guide us through these dangerous days…

Across the autumn sky,
the wild geese call out while leaving
above the bare arms of trees
the warmth is dying in the air
arising like ghost from the chilled waters.

Bare branches like twisted fingers
scratch toward the sky.
Abruptly the song of darkening days falls upon the land
and the last echo of some voice wanders off
and dies in the distance
burning in the west splashing crimson splendor.

I breathe in the silence 
and sigh as bell tones like colors 
drift and diminuendo 
red, orange, pink, purple, blue, black.

The old world languishes
ruled by women haters 
and profit takers, 
while we captives, dreams, struggle
and trug toward the promise of Dawn.
As the nightmare of the death wishers
fade at my back,
Spirits known and unknown live in my ears, 
As i sing a song of faith and new beginnings:
Soon, soon
Soon we will perform our Ancestors rituals
Who dealt with the “impossible” for us to live this day
So we can with power, compassion, wisdom filled with fire
Sing the Sun across the sky 
In the morning of a new day
Knowing distant generations will say 
in gratitude and celebration
We are home,
Earth is home
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Louis Alemayehu is an artist, activist, and multi-cultural spiritual elder. Find more on his Facebook Page.

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