Vital Balance by Roslye Ultan

Surrounded in an electromagnetic field of energy I stretch my arms up high and hold my breath Releasing a flow of air bending down In repeated pattern the flow of …

Q&A: 6/29/2021

Q: How many Americans have low levels of Vitamin D, does it matter and what can be done? A: US government studies have found that three out of every four …

A woman standing in front of the US Capitol, surrounded by other women, holding a sign that reads: "This Body Is Not A Political Battlefield #StopTheBans"

Reclaiming Biopower and Biopolitics

When asked about what is necessary to live, most people list things like food, water, and shelter. These things are related to our bodies and the environment, and it often feels like we lack control over them due to overwhelming pressure from society.

An Amtrak passenger train pulled into a station

Take Action: Infrastructure Bill

From the perspective of sustainability, for Republicans and Democrats alike, there is a real need to fix our nation’s infrastructure. Unfortunately, attempts at reaching agreement have been blocked in the …