Vital Balance by Roslye Ultan

Surrounded in an electromagnetic field of energy

I stretch my arms up high and hold my breath

Releasing a flow of air bending down

In repeated pattern the flow of air expands

Each breath measured to master relationships

Between a physical, mindful and spiritual

Interplay of movement and meditation

Flowing into the unseen center of my body

A tunnel expanding , and penetrated by an arrow

Opening to receive a shaft of emanating light

A radiating form of bioelectrical energy

A vital force permeating internal body functions

Flowing like a stream uninterrupted by dark wells

I marvel at this irresistible urge to open my every channel

Within to reach for the pool of memory, sound of wind in a storm

Bird songs, splash of the sea on shore, green fields

Bursting with live butterflies and bees sucking pollen

I am witness to electricity outside myself

Open to the boundlessness beyond what’s known

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