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Participate in our Partner Inclusivi-tee’s Sustainability Challenge, 21 days of thinking about and practicing simple sustainable living habits. With daily posts, challenges that take no more than five minutes, prizes, and some great guests, this challenge is a wonderful way to end 2020 by creating the world we want. You can join here

Purchase You Can Save the World…In Fact, You’re the Only One Who Can, the fabulous, colorful new book by our Board member, psychologist, and Inclusivi-tee Founder Lori Myren-Manbeck. It’s a great gift for anyone wanting a simple guide to living a more sustainable life, with tips anyone can follow. The Alliance receives 10% of the net proceeds. You can order here.

Listen to and share our weekly half-hour podcast with Inclusivi-tee, Inclusive-TALKS Sustainability: A podcast about Creativity, Health, Equity and Kindness. On the podcast, we talk with artists, musicians, and experts in the sustainability field: The audio podcast and the video podcast

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