New 2020 Guide for Successful City Green Teams Now Available

Sustainability CommissionEnergy and Environmental CommitteeConservation CommissionGreenStep Core Group. Whatever you call them, effective Green Teams are often at the center of GreenStep successes.

And now there is a guide to help Green Teams do their work even better! The GreenStep Green Team Work Plan provides guidance on developing and maintaining effective Green Teams. The Work Plan answers questions like “What does a Green Team do?” and “Who should be on a Green Team?” and provides tips on essential aspects of Green Team longevity and usefulness, like structure, leadership, and succession.

In addition, the Work Plan takes a deeper dive into two best practice areas required for Step 3 recognition: Benchmarking Public Buildings (BP 1.1) and Comprehensive and Related Plans (BP 6). The Work Plan suggests resources and provides step-by-step guidance on how Green Teams might move forward on these best practices.

Check out the 2020 Green Team Work Plan here!

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