Save the Southwest LRT

Hello Members – Join us today, Thursday 8/25 at 2pm

or take action on line or call Call Governor Mark Dayton  651-201-3400 to Save the South West LRT

The South West LRT (Blue Line Extension) will make a huge difference to reduce CO2, connect thousands of people to great jobs and education and create livable communities.

Save SW LRT Meeting with Governor Dayton
Thursday, August 25     2:00 – 3:30

Department of Revenue, Skjesyad Room
600 N. Robert St., St. Paul
With the Transportation Forward Coalition.

Or if you can’t join us today you can take action on line at

Urge Governor Dayton to Save Southwest Light Rail
Special session talks came to a screeching halt last Friday. Governor Dayton and Senate Majority leadership thankfully stood firm—refusing to strike a deal that excluded metro-area transit.

In the coming months, TLC will keep fighting for new, long-term investments in bus, rail, bicycling, and walking. But, right now, one critical project needs your voice. Speak up today to save Southwest light rail.

A federal deadline is looming on September 2. Without a local match of $135 million, Southwest is likely to miss out on more than $900 million in federal funds. Urge Governor Dayton to pursue local funding to keep this project alive and on track.

Funding for Southwest light rail ideally would have come from the legislature in the form of a metro sales tax and as part of a bill that funded all modes of transportation. Unfortunately, the House Majority leadership’s anti-transit agenda got in the way.

We can still secure the 900 million federal transit funding for this vital line  if the 100 million in the local match is secured by Sept 2.

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Southwest LRT will help ease the mismatch between urban job seekers and metro jobs

Sean Gosiewski, Alliance for Sustainability 612-250-0389
Dave Van Hattum, Transit for Livable Communities 651-789-1418



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