Take Action: Eating Healthy? Think Again – Ban Hidden Dangers in Your Food

Organic grocer stocking fresh, safe produce. Credit: Tricities Business News

By Cate Rosa, Alliance Intern from Boston University ‘26

A shocking 20% of fruits and vegetables tested in the US pose a “high risk” to public health, and even more alarming, 12 specific commodities are so hazardous that children and pregnant women should limit them to just one serving per day, according to Consumer Reports’ (CR) investigation into the USDA’s Pesticide Data Program. Organic farmers use effective, safe alternatives to hazardous pesticides, but they often cost more, so the USDA’s risk-benefit analysis permits the use of toxic chemicals instead of requiring these organic options. 

These disturbing findings reveal severe threats within our food system, prompting CR to urgently petition the EPA and Congress to ban the deadly organophosphate and carbamate pesticides. Together, we can ensure that our food is safe for everyone and promote organic farming as a viable alternative. Join the Alliance in signing CR’s petition to push for a healthier, safer food system for generations to come.

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