Art of the Week: Award-winning student posters — the power of art for peace, healing and conversation

By Alliance Communications Coordinator Amy Durr

We are delighted that our Art of the Week features several of the award winners from the 2022 – 2023 Lions Club International Student Peace Poster Contest. Each on its own is an incredible, detailed work of art and together they form a magnificent triptych of peace images from around the globe by young people. They remind us that art has the unique ability to touch diverse people and build community, salve wounds and promote peace.

Art has considerable potential in peacebuilding, not only in the conflict resolution field but also in post-conflict reconciliation. Defying all linguistic boundaries, it is considered a universal language and therefore an ideal resource to understand the perspectives of others, particularly their perspective on a given conflict,” according to Peace Direct.

Peace Direct emphasizes that art: 

  • Can directly nurture a peace process by providing a voice to marginalized or oppressed groups, while enhancing the relevance and legitimacy of the peace process itself
  • Can help individuals overcome trauma linked to conflict
  • Is a powerful instrument for collective reconciliation between communities
  • Encourages local forms of expression which promote more sustainable resilience and peace

At the Alliance, we share Peace Direct’s perspective — that’s why we feature all forms of artistic expression in our Newsletter and on our website. While it’s important to address our left brain reasoning with facts, it’s essential that we also reach people’s right brain of feeling. Art is an effective way of touching people’s hearts and affecting them emotionally so that they will take action. Plus, it gives us joy and life energy. Consequently, we see art as essential to achieving a world of sustainability.

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