What to Watch: Inspiring, informative stories of global biodiversity work in Wild Hope 

Wild Hope is free to stream on multiple platforms! Credit: WildHope.tv

By Alliance Intern Kaitlyn Scanlon, Oregon State University ‘26

Would you like to be inspired and uplifted by watching something engaging, positive, hopeful, and educational this holiday season? Wild Hope — a new documentary series — rewrites the current narrative surrounding biodiversity by recognizing the good work being done to promote biodiversity locally. It “reveals how local action can spark powerful change and highlights intrepid changemakers – farmers, fishers, students, teachers, citizen volunteers, and scientists – working to restore and protect biodiversity,” says the Shorty Awards.

Wild Hope reports on successful conservation stories often swept aside by mainstream media in favor of more shocking, reactionary pieces. In doing so, the documentary series reminds people of the power they hold to change things for the better in their own lives and communities. Most crucially, it seeks to “inspire further action and build a movement — a community of supporters and active participants who seek ways to improve biodiversity in their own regions.” We hope it will encourage you to help make a difference.

It’s wonderful that HHMI Tangled Bank Studios formed a partnership with American Public Television and PBS Nature “to develop a strategic distribution plan to remove typical accessibility barriers, like platform paywalls and geography-based streaming limitations.” That means the 8 episodes of season 1 of Wild Hope are free for viewing via public television, community events, and social media platforms.

In addition, their website provides viewers and educators with resources, additional enrichment content, and news of local involvement efforts, all for free. Talk about accessibility!

Hopefully this positive, action-based movement will only grow over the coming years as Season 1 gains more traction, Season 2 is produced, and more curious, dedicated individuals join the cause. Please help spread the word.

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