Sustainability Tip: Clean your air and have more plant babies by learning to go forth and propagate

Collection of plants propagating in water. Credit: The Old Farmer’s Almanac

By Sophie Roback, Alliance Intern from Colorado College

Studies show the importance of humans connecting with nature, even indoors. Plant propagation is a simple way to further that. It can expand your plant collection and share it with others in a sustainable and cost-efficient way.

  1. Make sure that the plant you are working with is a good one for propagation – pothos, snake plants, or green onions are all great options, according to Avocado Magazine and Rural Sprout.
  2. Always trim the plant with clean scissors, often right below a node, where you can see buds originate. Some plants can be propagated from just a leaf or stem cutting. 
  3. After you trim your cutting, remove any leaves, flowers, or flower buds below the node, says Avocado Magazine.
  4. Place your cutting in a rooting medium, like water, with the node fully below the surface, and patiently wait for the roots to build.
  5. Once you notice a significant amount of roots forming, you can transfer your cutting into a pot with soil and wait for it to start thriving on its own.

Check out this informational video by Pick up Limes on propagating indoor plants to learn more about the process! Your propagated plants will green your space and filter indoor air, while making an excellent gift and inspiring others to connect with the earth. 

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