Fortieth Anniversary Year: Fortieth Anniversary Celebration highlight — Frances Moore Lappé

Frances Moore Lappé, author of Diet for a Small Planet, was the inspiring keynote speaker at the Fortieth Anniversary Celebration of the Alliance. Thanks to our fabulous performer Larry Long for his words and transcription of some of Frankie’s talk: “This courageous woman inspired Terry Gips and others to co-create the Alliance around a personal vision of helping to build a worldwide movement of sustainability.” Here’s his excerpt from Frankie’s closing words:
So, my journey of more than half a century has taken me to this conclusion: Humans are good enough. So, what’s our problem? Maybe it’s in part that we’re pack animals, too social. I mean go along with the pack…even as it heads over the cliff. So, this moment on our precious planet calls for one particular virtue: courage…Breaking with the pack, trying what’s new, requires courage to do what we thought we could not do. I love Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice, ‘Do one thing every day that scares you.’

Choose those more gutsy than you. Hang out with them. I bet you yourself will become more courageous.

I’ve long been called a vegetarian. Fine. But over time It’s become clear how much power the ripples of our food choices have in shaping not only our own health but the health of farm workers and all eaters, climate chaos, forest destructions, species loss, water scarcity and pollution, overuse of chemicals, and much more!  …given all this, I see my true food-related identity. I am a ‘planetarian’ – for what goes into my mouth makes ripples affecting our entire planet

Every choice we make ripples out — that can be for certain.”

Frankie closed with a favorite poem, Beginners by Denise Levertov, which “helps me get through my days.” Thank you Frankie for helping to create the Alliance and continuing to uplift us. We’re excited about our growing partnership.

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