The Real Bottom Line: Meeting Our Fundamental Needs While Bringing about Personal and Organizational Transformation

ASBN Town Hall Presentation for Livable Planet Working Group
1-2 pm EDT Friday, September 16, 2022


Presenters and Titles:

Jenise Bermudez, First VP of Commercial Banking at Amalgamated Bank, Denver,
Susan Eirich, Ph.D., Founder and Executive Director, Earthfire Institute Wildlife
Sanctuary and Retreat Center, western flank of Grand Teton Mountains
Terry Gips, CEO of Sustainability Associates and President of the Alliance for
Sustainability, St. Louis Park, MN
Steve Weinberg, Sustainability Leader, Americas, IKEA Supply Chain Operations,
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania


Description: In this ASBN Town Hall, we intend to go beyond talking about
“purpose” in business and explore how we can meet our fundamental needs on a
personal and organizational level. With some new perspectives, it’s surprisingly
easy to meet our fundamental needs and transform ourselves and our business. At
the same time, we can improve performance and increase well-being and
fulfillment, while saving money, reducing our consumption addiction (“affluenza”)
and contributing to a livable planet.

Come join us for this positive, inspiring and interactive exploration of Maslow’s
Hierarchy of Needs and take it to the next level with the breakthrough work of
Alternative Nobel Prize-winning Fundamental Needs of Dr. Manfred Max-Neef, which
has been used widely by companies like Interface.

We’ll then explore the power of our connection with nature as a fundamental need,
IKEA’s efforts and some inside perspectives from Amalgamated Bank on how
they’re meeting fundamental needs. We’ll conclude with the opportunity to share
our own experiences in meeting fundamental needs from this new perspective.
Let’s re-imagine, re-think and co-create together.

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