Inspiration: 7 inspiring Indigenous American activist accounts to follow on Instagram

The easiest way to learn what most concerns any marginalized group is to listen to what they tell you, and how lucky are we to have social media to make that so easy! It’s inspiring and motivating to hear issues that are impacting cultures and ways of life today. Become more informed about history and learn how to be a good ally.

Autumn Peltier is the Chief Water Commissioner for @anishinabeknation and a global water activist who fights for clean water for First Nations. She was named one of BBC’s 100 most influential and inspirational women. (top left photo)

Hāwane Rios is a Kū Kia‘i Mauna protector, dancer and songwriter, on the frontlines of protecting Mauna Kea, the sacred Hawaiian mountain.

Jordan, an athlete and Lakota, founded @rising_hearts. She runs to increase awareness of missing and murdered indigenous women, girls and two-spirit people.

Sarain Fox is an Anishinaabekwe host of a TV show and an advocate for the Earth, Indigenous knowledge, and representation.

Sara Sandoval tirelessly helps asylum seeking families in Tijuana, peacefully protests at Mauna Kea, and brings supplies to Standing Rock. (bottom right photo)

Tomás Karmelo Amaya, a photographer, filmmaker and poet who posts breathtaking portraits of Indigenous representation: jingle dress dancers, fourth year medical students, actors, and activists. He writes about mental health and wellness. (bottom left photo)

Tara Houska, an Ojibwe included as a Change Maker by National Geographic, writes: “I thought about who is telling the story of climate, and the critical missteps of sporadically including and romanticizing indigenous wisdom.” (top right photo)

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