Cities are leading the way! Will you help us do it? Thanks for giving on Give to the Max Day!

Now more than ever, it is vital for cities to lead the way to an equitable and prosperous future powered by renewable energy. The world is counting on us. Will you help us do it?

Thanks for making a contribution to the Alliance for Sustainability on Give to the Max Day!

Help us raise $5,000 today towards our $5,000 matching grant on Give to the Max Day!


In 2016, the Alliance for Sustainability empowered 440 City Council members, staff and commissioners and citizen and youth leaders from 40+ metro cities to begin planning for a low carbon, vital, equitable and truly sustainable future at our Planning for Resilient Cities Workshops. In 2016 we also mobilized volunteers to protect clean water and helped individuals and congregations shift to clean, renewable energy.

In 2017, with your support we will empower youth and adult citizen volunteers, city staff and local elected leaders to include energy, climate resilience, health and equity goals and implementation plans in their city’s updated 20 year Comprehensive Plans, a once in a decade opportunity!

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