Bad News: America mysteriously hit a deadly climate tipping point and no one knows why

It’s time to see the world is on fire and act for our climate. Credit: Cristian Ibarra, Pixabay

By Kaitlyn Scanlon, Alliance Intern from Oregon State University ’26

Things are now irrevocably different from how they were at any other time in human existence. Inexplicably, our atmosphere has bypassed a tipping point sometime over the last year “that has pushed our atmosphere’s state of equilibrium out of an older, stable range and into a newer, warmer, and apparently far less stable state,” according to the Hartmann Report. While scientists can’t yet pinpoint what influenced the shift, they have expressed high levels of concern in the journal BioScience: “We’re venturing into uncharted climate territory.”

Countless climate change-fueled disasters are costing billions of dollars and inflicting severe pain, with the damage most intensively felt by vulnerable communities. What was a tropical storm suddenly became an unpredicted Cat 5 devastating Acapulco. The Report points to deadly storms, derechos, flash flooding, bomb cyclones, damaging hail and tornadoes “in areas that had never before seen them.” Meanwhile, “Hundreds of millions of acres of trees are suffering from beetle infestation dieback, drought and forest fires” perpetuated by climate change.

It’s easy to lose hope with all the disastrous climate emergencies unfolding each day. It’s important to acknowledge those feelings, but you don’t need to be bogged down and despondent. You can channel your energy into positive action. “There’s never been a better or more important time than now to join climate actions and lobby your elected representatives for large scale, long-term solutions to our fossil fuel addiction,” emphasizes the Hartmann Report. 

Combat feelings of powerlessness surrounding climate change by using your voice and vote to create the change you want to see in the world!

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