Art of the Week: Vincent Jackson’s colorful, harmonious folk art

Creator: Vincent Jackson © 2014 Creativity Explored Licensing LLC All rights reserved

By Kaitlyn Scanlon, Alliance Intern from Oregon State University ’26

“I am a renowned artist, I don’t take it lightly, I take it strongly. And I’m here to change lives with whatever I do.” These are the words of San Francisco native Vincent Jackson, long-time prolific artist with Creativity Explored studio, whose work speaks for itself.

Signature to Jackson are what Creativity Explored describes as “large-scale figurative portraits, rendered with thick, defining lines.” Each human figure is fragmented into “geometric shapes, each filled with a heavy impasto of layered colors and arranged with a masterful sense of harmony.” Visually-enticing, distinctly unique but still united in design, his works’ historical relevance is acknowledged by Creativity Explored in their assessment of it as “a contemporary renewal of traditional African and Oceanic folk art imagery.” 

Jackson joined Creativity Explored at the young age of 22 and flourished in creating his iconic style through the use of oil pastels (what he’s most well-known for), as well as “a variety of media from oil and acrylic paints to India ink, collage, papier maché and wood.” His artistic flair doesn’t stop there: he also quilts and sews his own clothes to showcase in fashion shows. Beyond his consistent contributions to the galley over the past 40 years, Jackson “is one of CE’s biggest advocates, and has been a spokesperson for the program on video, radio stations, and live events.”

In the words of Jackson, “I’m very structured about my art. A person tells me, ‘don’t draw it like that,’ and I say, ‘I’m the artist, I draw it the way I wanna draw it.’ If I wanna get silly with it, I can get silly with it!” That intentionally creative, playful attitude with art has clearly paid off for him — his success through CE exhibiting, retail licensing on products like chocolates, rugs, and bags, and even international exhibiting is undeniable.

To Vincent Jackson, “Art is something. See, when you get a piece of art in your hands, it brings beauty. I want to introduce new people to what I have done. If you already know about me, you know–and if you don’t know, you will.” If you didn’t know about this incredible artist before, you do now!

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