Good News: 37 Fun and Fresh Sustainable Clothing Brands

Here are just 4 of the 37 brands that you should know who are committed to sustainability. Credit: prAna, INDIGENOUS, Girlfriend Collective and MATE The Label

By Kaitlyn Scanlon, Alliance Intern from Oregon State University

Did you know that “more than 34 billion pounds of used textiles” are discarded by people in the U.S. each year? (according to Boston University) That staggering statistic is not distributed evenly across the US population either: “people with higher incomes generate on average 76% more clothing waste than people with lower incomes.” The rise of cheap fast fashion manufactured through exploitative labor is clearly to blame: ever-quickening microtrends create a sense of urgency to rapidly purchase and dispose of our cheap garments. 

Not to worry, though! There’s no shortage of sustainable “slow fashion” brands to make healthier, thoughtful purchases from, as indicated by an article on By opting to purchase from the 35 sustainable clothing brands they list, you support brands that “approach garment production in an ethical and transparent way that considers both people and the planet.”

What sets these brands apart from the vast majority of ethically-questionable fast fashion brands is their dedication “to approach garment production in an ethical and transparent way that considers both people and the planet,” as told by In fact, many of the brands come with the “third-party sustainable and ethical certifications” to prove it, giving shoppers the peace of mind that comes from knowing brands are reliably sustainable. 

As you browse the various categories of the article, the steep price tags of some articles of clothing may come as a surprise. It’s crucial to understand that “these brands are not designed to be consumed at the same rate as fast fashion.” The higher prices reflect the eco-friendly practices, ethical production standards, timeless design, and high-quality essentials” that are characteristic of slow fashion. Furthermore, the article urges readers not to rush out and buy an entirely new wardrobe in one go; it instead advises that we “build our closets out slowly and intentionally.”

To find out about recycled activewear from Girlfriend Collective, loungewear from MATE The Label, an array of fair trade brands from Fair Trade Winds, and much more, read about the 35 sustainable clothing brands highlighted by And don’t miss 2 of the long-time leaders in sustainable clothing, INDIGENOUS and prAna. We don’t have to trade fashion for the future of the planet.

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