Song of the Week: I Don’t Believe in Violence by Larry Long featuring Cameron “La Diva” Wright

We’d like to propose a new national anthem to replace the current song which celebrates slavery, a massacre, war and violence. We propose I Don’t Believe in Violence, written in 1991 by Smithsonian Folkways recording artist Larry Long, who has made his life work the celebration of everyday heroes and sheroes. Larry was accompanied by Cameron “La Diva” Wright (they/she), a genre defying and defining singer- songwriter with a four-octave vocal range.

What an extraordinary song on such an extraordinary evening celebrating the Alliance for Sustainability’s Fortieth! Thank you Larry and Cameron for lifting us to the world we want! Larry and Cameron also sang My Rainbow Race and it was amazing! Both songs are a must listen!

If someone strikes I won’t strike back
If the strike again I will not attack
I’d rather talk then hear bones crack
I don’t believe in violence

Streets are filled with gang warfare
Some people don’t mind, they just don’t care
When children get killed, it’s never fair
I don’t believe in violence

Talk of war in the news
Israel, Ukraine, Palestine, too
It all comes back to me and you
I don’t believe in violence

Nuclear missiles and Tomcats
Stealth bombers and poison gas
Oil spills and M-1 tanks
I don’t believe in violence

Jumping off buildings just like flies
Killing machines, don’t believe my eyes
Late at night I can hear them cry
I don’t believe in violence
Women are scared at night
There’s abduction, rape, filled with fright
Keep on running until you find the light
I don’t believe in violence

People living in landlord shacks
Keeping warm by burning trash
In need of food, they steal for cash
I don’t believe in violence

Martin said, “Do not kill.”
I don’t want dead bodies in landfills
Committing violence is not God’s will
I don’t believe in violence

Words & Music by Larry Long
© Larry Long Publishing 1991. Renewed 2019 / BMI
All Rights Reserved

Cameron “La Diva” Wright will be performing at the Dakota Jazz Club on Sunday, June 4th, at 7:00 pm.  Hope to see you there.  It will be a night filled with wonder.
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