Weekly e-Newsletter 2/10/2022

Art of the Week

Generational Wealth (The Original Stimmy)
Art by Jewel Ham, a contemporary Black American visual artist based out of Huntersville, NC. She was the recipient of a 2021 South Arts Fellowship.
Using her work as a means of reparation, Jewel Ham  is passionate about increasing accessibility to visual arts in Black and brown communities. She also utilizes visual art as a means of outreach, activism, and empowerment.
In the Black community, the invitation to help assist in the preparation of collard greens is considered a rite of passage. By Jewel naming this “Generational Wealth,” she emphasizes this tradition, while also referencing the African American Vernacular usage of “stimmy” (also known as the stimulus).

Upcoming Events

Sustainability Tip: Make your own Valentine

Credit: ArtyCraftyKids
This is an excellent resource shared by Rediscovered Families. It provides 12 eco-friendly valentines that are sure to be a big hit with their classmates. From recycled crayon heart melts to decorated hearts, these eco-friendly valentine ideas are awesome projects for kids of all ages. 

Take Action: Plastic-Free Challenge

Join the Alliance in the month-long Plastic-Free Challenge sponsored by Hennepin County! 
No matter where you live, you can participate and both learn about and take simple steps to reduce plastics use, from shopping to recycling plastic caps.
Once you sign up you’ll receive informative options for taking action. You can then check off which ones you’ll do and their online calculator will show you how much of a difference your actions are having. 
And we’d love to have you on our Alliance for Sustainability Team! When you sign up you can just list the Alliance for Sustainability as your team and it will calculate your savings and add them to the Alliance’s. 
Help us win this friendly competition and go plastic-free!

Weekly e-Newsletter

February 10, 2022
Editors: Rae’Jean Alford & Terry Gips

At the Alliance 

We hope you are enjoying our new newsletter format! We are so excited about all the Alliance has planned for 2022 and we welcome the input of our community to help us move forward. Remember to leave a comment on our website or email info@afors.org to share any feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!  
This week, we are introducing our newest communications intern, Clarice Tume. Clarice is a 2020 graduate of the UWI – Stout and received a BS in Communications and Emerging Media, Journalism.
Clarice brings an abundance of creativity and will be working to further our online social media presence, including helping to develop our TikTok. She hopes that she will learn new skills while at the Alliance that will make her a stronger communications professional. 

What to Watch

Please watch Netflix’s High on the Hog. Food writer Stephen Satterfield traces the origins of African American cuisine from Africa to Texas. This powerful docuseries encourages us to both examine our own relationship to food, while also deepening our understanding of Black American cultural food practices.

Sustainability Fact: Changing your diet could add up to 13 years to your life, study says

CNN: How to Eat Less Meat and More Plants
Would you like to live 13 years longer? You can and it’s easy, according to a new study. You can simply “optimize” your diet by significantly reducing red and processed meats, sugar-sweetened beverages, and refined grains while increasing the amount of plant protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds in your diet. This CNN article highlights the study’s findings about the significant benefits of a plant-based diet, horrible impacts from eating red meat and the shocking absence of adequate vegetables in the diets of nearly 90% of Americans. Click here to see some of the key facts. 
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