Weekly e-Newsletter 1/25/2022

Special e-Newsletter Edition:
Climate Change & A Message of Hope

January 24, 2022, Vol 1 #38

Editors: Rae’Jean Alford & Terry Gips


At the Alliance:

We hope our partners and community members have had a great start to the year. At the Alliance, the month of January has been filled with transitions as we have onboarded new staff members and began bringing on new interns for this school semester. We want to thank everyone for your continued thoughtful suggestions, comments and overall insight. We are happy to share that next week we will be releasing an updated newsletter format. We hope this format will create a more streamlined reading experience and allow our audience more time to interact with us. Co-creation and collaboration are two of the building blocks of sustainability and it is our goal this year to increase opportunities for this to take place.  


Take Action:

Climate change reform may be stagnating on the national stage, but states like Minnesota are marching forward and pushing for action at the state level. The Minnesota House Climate Action Caucus’ recently released the 2022 Climate Action Plan: a bold and comprehensive climate change investment package that could serve as model for transformative climate change policy. It includes investments in renewable energy, electric buses, rebates for electric vehicles and appliances, weatherization assistance, and more. 

Please join the Alliance in supporting the 2022 Climate Action Plan. Send three emails in one click to the Minnesota House, Senate, and Governor Walz asking for their support in the Climate Action Plan.

Climate Action Plan Synopsis by Alex Derosier on Scribd


Sustainability Tip from Legendary Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. David Suzuki

We are grieving the recent loss of legendary Buddhist monk, meditation leader and peaceful environmental activist Thich Nhat Hanh. In his memory, we want to share the core of his powerful personal teachings in this remarkable 3-minute conversation with Canada’s (and perhaps the world’s) dean of sustainability, Dr. David Suzuki: Do Not Let Despair Take Over.  

We feel his remarks from 10 years ago are even more relevant today. We are experiencing despair through Covid, climate, inequity and anti-democracy. However, his simple sustainability tip of facing reality and meditating may be one of the most important steps we can take to do the personal work we need to co-create a world of sustainability, health, equity and kindness.  

His remarks start just over two minutes in to the 5-minute video: 

And, if you want more, you’ll see there are longer videos which follow it.


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