Weekly e-Newsletter 12/14/2021

Weekly e-Newsletter

December 14, 2021
Vol 1 #35

Editors: Brock Munsterteiger, Terry Gips, & Lydia Sulik

Art of the Week

In the City
There is No Night

In the city there is no night. The cloudy skies glow, an aftershock to the nuclear explosion of waking.

Shadows become withdrawn in a mock day dream.

In the city there is no night. Time unwinds into streamlined ribbons entwining lives into cars, bedsheets, music, work, silence-

Every sound is amplified without the cacophony of daylight.

In the city there is no night. The cloudless skies offer no secrets, starless its jaws open and the world falls tumbling into its belly.

Sleep invades us all; dreams and death in the unknown Linger. Where we cannot see.

By Jennifer Winterstein Writestone@Hotmail.com

Upcoming Events

Living Tip

No Waste Holiday Gifts

Three small jars with mistletoe decorations, labeled as "Cinnamon Honey Butter."
Photo: TidyMom.net

If you’re struggling to find last-minute presents or not sure what to get someone, try these zero-waste options:

Online Giftcards 

Homemade candles, soap, organic bread and baked goods

Thrifted or vintage jewelry

Reusable Water Bottles

e-Magazine, Newspaper or Podcast subscription

Museum or park membership

For more, see Livekindly’s Zero Waste Christmas

Song of the Week 

Pray Well with Others by Rabbi Joe Laur is a great gift for this season and these times as he explores all spiritual traditions so we can live well with others!

At the Alliance

Thanks to everyone who gave and helped us reach our $10k goal for Give to the Max.

If you haven’t had a chance to give yet, we hope you’ll consider an end of the year donation to our SHE Kindness GoFundMe Campaign so that we can launch our SHE Kindness School Program. And great news, your donation will be matched by a generous $3,500 match from the Leuthold Foundation!

Following this issue, we will be taking a two-week break to enjoy the holidays. Our next issue will be January 4, 2022 


Poster for 2nd Annual Santa's Mobile Workshop Christmas 2021, with images of children receiving gifts from the mobile workshop. The text reads: "Looking for toys and donations for all ages: newborn to adults, and individuals with special needs. Phothala Chanthavysouk (FB), Cash app/Venmo: mytimeenterprise, Notate: Santa's Bus, 612.470.8083 Call/Text."

What does someone who experienced poverty and homelessness do when they turn things around in their life? They pay it forward.

That’s exactly what Phothala (“Po”) Chanthavysouk did once she founded Ecco Love and created a successful Twin Cities-based event bus business, My Time Enterprise. 

Po has been helping people who struggle by using her event bus to help change people’s lives. For example, last year she took her bus, filled it with donated toys and gifts and drove to low-income neighborhoods so that 50 to 60 families could have holiday gifts!

This year she’s reaching out to the community and businesses again for their support (great tax incentive). She has 700 families to serve this year. Please help spread the word, gift items and give monetary gifts to bring joy to many families this Holiday Season!

Take Action

Donald Trump’s cruel “Remain in Mexico Policy,” which denies asylum seekers entrance into the US until their immigration hearings begin, have just restarted under President Joe Biden’s administration. This policy forces asylum seekers to remain in dangerous environments for several months. Human Rights First has documented over 1,500 cases of kidnapping, rape, torture and violent assault in two years against asylum seekers waiting outside the US until their immigration hearings begin. 

Sign this petition to urge the Biden Administration to end harmful Trump Policies and restore full access to asylum for good.

What to Watch

Check out the breathtaking Nextflix documentary series, Our Planet which examines how climate change threatens all life on Earth. 

Sustainability Fact

93% of brands surveyed by the Fashion Checker (2020) aren’t paying garment workers a living wage. For more astounding facts on fast fashion, check out this article from good on you.


Q: Where do all the holidays in December come from and what do they mean?

A: Take A Look at the Most Widely Celebrated Winter Holidays to learn their interesting history and origins. 

Meme of Buddy from the movie Elf. The text says: "When someone says recycling will fix the pollution problem, 'You sit on a throne of lies.'"

Since 2003, Naturepedic has been on a mission to transform the lives of our customers through safer, healthier sleep. By eliminating materials like flame retardants and polyurethane foam from our line of certified organic natural mattresses, Naturepedic supports an organic holistic lifestyle while protecting the environment.

Today, Naturepedic has a large and growing network of retail outlets and signature Organic Mattress Galleries across the country and abroad. Throughout all of this, Naturepedic has remained faithful to its mission of providing safer, healthier sleep in an economically competitive and environmentally responsible way.

Comic showing a reindeer with a red nose shaped like a fluorescent lightbulb saying to another reindeer: "It's energy efficient."

2801 21st Ave S. Suite 100 Minneapolis, MN 55407

info@afors.org | afors.org

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