Eco-Friendly Transportation – Part 2

A bicycle on a street in front of a scenic body of water and mountains.

by Greg Barber of Eco-Friendly Printer

Alternate eco-friendly transportation

Not driving at all can help you reduce your carbon footprint. There are other ways that you can travel without using a personal vehicle:

  • Public transportation: Public transportation provides an easy way for you to leave your car at home so you can take advantage of cheaper, more energy-efficient transportation for your commute.
  • Carpool: Conserve Energy Future predicts that the average American spends about 18 days’ worth of carbon emissions on their annual commute, but if you were to share your commute with just four other people, you could collectively spare about 72 hours’ worth of carbon emissions with just one vehicle.
  • Bicycle: The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy found in 2015 that biking to work or around town could result in 11% less total carbon emissions if just 20% of the world’s drivers used bikes instead by 2050.
  • Electric bike or scooter: Electric bikes and scooters can be significantly faster when you live in the city and are plagued by downtown traffic. Suddenly, bike lanes, parks, and other routes become a viable option for an easy and quick commute that doesn’t harm the environment.
  • Electric or Hybrid vehicle: Electric or hybrid vehicles may require a greater investment up front, but unlike electric bikes, they work for longer distances.

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