SHE Kindness GoFundMe Campaign Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of our SHE Kindness crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe! Help Mother Earth this Mother’s Day by supporting our campaign for Sustainability, Health, Equity and Kindness.

The Goal of the SHE Kindness Campaign is to support personal and institutional transformation, fundamental policy shifts and systems change. We will educate, engage and inspire more than one million diverse people and groups to action on everything from lifestyle and consumption to campaigns and policy changes.

This Campaign will be powered by diverse young people and utilize the latest, cutting edge technologies and approaches, including inspiring, impactful and paradigm-shifting videos, social media engagement, blogs, podcasts, a dynamic, interactive website, a short book and other publications, presentations, workshops, trainings and collaboration with Alliance partners on targeted campaigns and public policies. Read more about our SHE Kindness Campaign at our GoFundMe page.

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