Restoration, Personal and Planetary

I had a long conversation yesterday with Alliance co-founder Terry Gips. I consider myself quite fortunate to be working alongside Terry, and Executive Director Sean Goseiwski, who have together built an organization that it seems will not only stand the test of time, but is poised to flourish in this new era of popular attention toward sustainability. We at the Alliance have been having an interesting conversation around the idea of Servant Leadership, developed by Carleton College alumnus Robert Greenleaf. The Board is as yet undecided on whether or not we will formally incorporate these principles into the organization, but there is little doubt that Terry and Sean, and others they have drawn into the Alliance, embody the principles in their practices.

One thing I would like to share with the wider world about the internal operations of the organization that is the Alliance is this: We start each meeting with a short period of meditation. How amazing is that? As someone in a constant struggle to bring my multitasking brain into a reflective mode, I have found this small step, this relatively spare use of precious time, to be…of indescribable value.

Back to yesterday’s conversation with Terry. He was updating me on his experiences from Social Venture Network’s annual conference. An Indiegogo campaign — or perhaps several — is in the Alliance’s future. We are also reflecting on the value of the good work done by our new friends at Restore the Earth Foundation. The Mississippi River Basin ties together a wide, ecologically and culturally diverse swath of middle America. It has and continues to shape who we are here in MSP. It may be that Minnesota-based Alliance members would turn out for a restoration mob (with a shout out to our friends at the Birchwood Cafe and their remarkable crop mobs)?

Send us your thoughts! Sean can be reached at, and I still need an address, but in the meantime, reach me at