Sustainability means keeping things

I am so fortunate to be connected to people who have the time and space to save things, and the amazing thing about this era is that we can communicate through our electronic/digital gadget to make sure these things get used.

From one end of the spectrum to the other today. I am cleaning out the garage of the wonderful woman who has welcomed us into her home. Mother of the fabulous Nan Bailly. I encounter piles of plastic flats and cups that will be useful for planting seeds. Perfect for our farmer friends at Community Table. Then I get an email from Wayzata Sailing School, encouraging people to donate old sails — they can be used on the sailing school boats, or cut up and made into bags. Delightful to see people making use of things.

The big treasure today — a cedar chest for storing sweaters, built by by the matriarch’s grandfather, back in the days in Duluth. The house is filled with similar stuff, plus little treasures collected on world travels. Such a thrill to be living in history.