S.H.E. Kindness Policy Program

The S.H.E. Kindness Policy Program collaborates with key national and state partners to:

  • Support and successfully pass and implement impactful public policies
  • Develop and implement strategic campaigns to shift the policies of public and private entities
  • Participate in state and national advocacy days and
  • Promote weekly Take Actions on a wide variety of policy issues related to sustainability, health, equity and kindness

Take Action Today

Stop fossil fuel forest fires

By Nick Junquera, Alliance intern at the University of Chicago ‘23

A groundbreaking new study by the Union of Concerned Scientists revealed that fossil fuel producers are responsible for 37% of the total area burned by forest fires since the mid-1980s in the western US and southwestern Canada. This research provides clear evidence linking damages from fires to the world’s 88 largest global carbon polluters, such as Chevron and ExxonMobil. We can’t sit back and watch our communities go up in smoke while corporate profits soar and the top carbon producers continue to spew greenwashing platitudes.

Policymakers, the general public and shareholders are calling on these companies to reduce heat-trapping emissions in alignment with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Join the Alliance in sending this Union of Concerned Scientists letter to fossil fuel CEOs to respond to public and shareholder demands to slash their emissions and dangerous products, which contribute to foreseeable and preventable climate impacts. 

Protect wetlands and streams from pollution and destruction

By Shelby Ganske, University of Minnesota Duluth ‘23

In May of this year, the US Supreme Court weakened the nation’s 51-year-old water pollution control law called the Clean Water Act. Under this decision, an estimated 63% of wetlands and millions of miles of numerous streams that this Act once protected will again be vulnerable to pollution and destruction, according to Clean Water Action. This decision also put tens of millions of people’s access to safe drinking water at risk. 

Thankfully, the Clean Water Act of 2023 was introduced on October 18, 2023. If passed, it would make it clear that wetlands and streams are protected water resources and reaffirm Congress’s commitment to keeping safe water quality for the nation. It would also tell the EPA to perform reviews of the Act’s exemptions to ensure the protection of both human and environmental health in the lands it. Please join the Alliance in sending Clean Water Action’s message to your Congressperson to support the new Clean Water Act. 

Photo Gallery

Alliance President Terry Gips with MN Governor Tim Walz

The Alliance and state-wide environmental groups join with state leaders to celebrate the passage of a proposed 2024 constitutional ballot initiative providing greatly increased environmental funding. Credit: Minnesota Senate Media Services


Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, Tim Rudnicki, Metropolitan Council Chair Charlie Zelle
and Alliance President Terry Gips

Tim Rudnicki, Speaker of the Minnesota House Melissa Hortman and Alliance President Terry Gips

The Alliance for Sustainability’s Policy Program of our Campaign for Sustainability, Health, Equity and Kindness (S.H.E. Kindness) sent a delegation to the US Capitol June 13-14 to meet with US Senators and Representatives. It was led by Alliance Board Chair and organic Georgia farmer Collie Graddick and myself from Minnesota.

We were accompanied by young organic farmers from the West Georgia Farmers Cooperative that Collie advises.

On June 14 we participated in the ASBN and Regenerate America Farm Bill Lobby Day on Capitol Hill to assure the inclusion of key regenerative, organic and equity provisions in the upcoming Farm Bill, which only is modified every five years.

You can see photos and descriptions of who we met with here, including the offices of both Georgia US Senators Warnock and Ossoff, along with 4 US Representatives from Georgia and Minnesota.