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Sustainability, Health, Equity and Kindness

Ecologically Sound,
Economically Viable,
Socially Just and Humane
Supporting ecologically sound, economically viable,
socially just and humane projects on a personal, organizational
and planetary leveler
Sustainability, Health, Equity and Kindness

Co-creating sustainability, health, equity, and kindness
on the personal, organizational and planetary level
Sustainability, Health, Equity and Kindness
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Purchase You Can Save the World…In Fact, You’re the Only One Who Can, the fabulous, colorful new book by our Board member, psychologist, and Inclusivi-tee Founder Lori Myren-Manbeck. It’s a great gift for anyone wanting a simple guide to living a more sustainable life, with tips anyone can follow. The Alliance receives 10% of the net proceeds. You can order here.

Listen to and share our weekly half-hour podcast with Inclusivi-tee, Inclusive-TALKS Sustainability: A podcast about Creativity, Health, Equity and Kindness. On the podcast, we talk with artists, musicians, and experts in the sustainability field: The audio podcast and the video podcast