Learn more about Sustainability in Stillwater

Sustainable Stillwater was started by Stillwater High School students through a community-wide visioning session at the Stillwater Library in May of 2013. Since then, our volunteer team has added momentum to the many wonderful sustainability initiatives in Stillwater, including the Pollinator Alliance and Friends of Stillwater Bikes and Trails, by sharing each others’ events through our contact list of 200 Stillwater residents and businesses.

Sustainable Stillwater’s Mission: Connecting communities today to inspire and create sustainable living for our future.

  • Healthy & Connected Community – Healthy, active, socially-connected, and accessible communities
  • Local Economic Vitality – Socially-conscious, earth-friendly, local business, and residential communities
  • Resource & Environmental Stewardship – Ecologically resource-conserving, waste reducing, and regenerative green communities

We are looking forward to working with you now and in years to come to strengthen Stillwater as a Healthy & Connected Community, with Local Economic Vitality and Resource & Environmental Stewardship!