Resilient Cities and Communities Coalition – (RC3)

In 2020, the Alliance for Sustainability is supporting elected leaders, city staff, and citizen volunteers from 50+ MN cities to launch the Resilient Cities and Communities Coalition (RCCC) to work together to meet their community-wide energy, climate, and resiliency goals. Member cities will learn together, share best practices, and become successful, inspiring models for other cities throughout Minnesota  and the Midwest.

RC3 OverviewInnovating SolutionsCollaborating for Impact
Shaping Public PolicyEngaging Community
Modeling Resilience to
Catalyze Change

Recent RC3 Workshops & Networking Gatherings with City Leaders

April 4 2020 Climate Action PlanningVideo Link – Environmental Commissions Webinar

West Metro CitiesJan 22, 2020 (14 cities) Next Steps and Action Resources

East Metro CitiesFeb 13, 2002 (12 cities) Next Steps and Action Resources

Find out how you can access Contact Sean Gosiewski, 612 250-0389

Resilient Cities and Communities Coalition Goals & Activities

Goal 1:  Innovating Solutions

  • Four City Climate Adaptation Pilot Project
  • Consulting Services

Goal 2: Collaborating for Impact – 

  • RC3 Events – Convening City Leaders to share best practices
  • RC3 Clearinghouse
  • RC3 County based Teams of Cities
  • RC3 Topic Teams of Cities

Goal 3: Shaping Public Policy – Cities and communities advocating together for state policies needed to accelerate local resilience.

  • Collaboration with the Governor’s Climate Sub Cabinet
  • Current Action Alerts for City Leaders
  • Supporting Cities to Adopt High Impact Model Ordinances

Goal 4: Engaging Community Stakeholders

Goal 5: Modeling Resilience – Modeling resilience to catalyze change regionally, nationally and globally

  • Expanding RC3’s Membership, Leadership, Staffing & Partnerships
  • Our Theory of Change and State, Regional and National Peer Learning Networks

We are exploring long term ways we can sync up new resources being developed by the Met Council, GreenSteps, RCCC, Metro Counties and nonprofits to support and empower MN cities achieve their climate goals on time as a Regional Climate Collaborative (see the excellent summary) Regional Climate Collaboratives


Topic Teams

PUBLIC Policy Updates

Participating Cities


Event ARCHIVES & Resources 


Questions? please contact: Sean Gosiewski, Executive Director, Alliance for Sustainability, 612-250-0389


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