Leaders from 30 metro cities in Jan 22 (West Metro) and Feb 13 (East Metro) discussed high impact ordinances they would like to work together to adopt and implement to meet their city’s energy and resilience goals related to energy, buildings, and transportation.

Efficient/ High Performance Buildings
Action 1. Adopt an Energy Benchmarking Ordinance
Action 2. Commercial and Multifamily Engagement – Partners in Energy, PACE, Cost Share Grants
Action 3. Adopt a Sustainable Building Policy – high performance construction with city investement
Action 3. New Buildings – Educating Developers Xcel design assistance, PACE $ for Construction
Action 4. Supporting Legislation or Statewide Policy Improvements for better new construction (updating the state energy building code more frequently)
Action 6. Truth in Sale of Housing Inspections (adding an energy audit and energy score)
Action 7. Cities sending in comments for Xcel’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) & PUC Inclusive Financing Docket and CenterPoint CIP

Clean Energy Supply
Action 1. Procuring Renewable Energy for City Operations
Action 2. Solar Ready Building Construction (City owned buildings, businesses, multifamily)
Action 3. Expanding Rooftop Solar within City Businesses, Institutions (schools), Residents – Sol Smart Ordinances, Solar Bulk Purchase Campaigns
Action 4. Support Legislation (2021) to Continue Xcel Energy’s Solar Rewards
Action 5. Cities commenting on Xcel’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) in October
Action 6. Additional Cities Helping with City of Minneapolis 100% Renewable Energy Resolution

Low Carbon Transportation/Land Use
Action 1. Support sustained state, regional & county transit investments, Reprioritize spending
Action 2. Prioritize pedestrians, bikes, transit in public right of ways complete streets, reconstruction
Action 3. Plan for successful & equitable in-fill redevelopment – Net Zero, Equitable, Walkable, TOD
Action 4. Support increased adoption of Electric Vehicles – City Fleets, E.V. Charging Ordinance
Action 5. Shared Mobility – Explore possible joint powers agreement between interested cities to regulate privately funded shared mobility – bikes, scooters, car sharing, autonomous vehicles