Founded in 1983 the mission of the Alliance for Sustainability is
“Supporting ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just and humane projects on a personal, organizational and planetary level.”

The Alliance for Sustainability supports leaders from Minnesota Cities to launch the Resilient Cities and Communities Coalition (RC3)

Vision – We envision a world where everyone has healthy air, water and soil, affordable clean energy, and thriving families and communities. 

Mission – We are cities and communities collaborating to achieve (and live) a resilient future.


Goal 1:  Innovating Solutions – Supporting cities and communities in addressing their self-identified needs, challenges and opportunities for resilience

Goal 2: Collaborating for Impact – Convening cities to learn from each other, share best practices and collaborate to leverage resources and further each of their own efforts while creating (advancing?) proven, (effective) win-win-win solutions that accelerate and scale our impact together.

Goal 3: Engaging Community Stakeholders – Helping establish and mentor sustainability commissions in working with their cities and communities and partnering with residents, businesses and institutions in practicing and achieving community-wide resilience.

Goal 4: Shaping Public Policy – Cities and communities advocating together for state policies needed to accelerate local resilience.

Goal 5: Modeling Resilience – Modeling resilience to catalyze change regionally, nationally and globally

Resilience – We define resilience as the capacity of an entire city to adapt and thrive no matter what kinds of acute shocks and chronic stresses it experiences. A resilient city engages the entire community to ensure win-win-win solutions that promote economic, social, and environmental well-being and sustainability. We believe true resiliency will require innovative models, wide-scale systems change, and a fundamental shift in how we think about our cities and world.  (Inspired by the 100RC and OECD definitions of resilient cities)